Full Motion TV Wall Mount

I wanted to place my bedroom TV fairly close to my bed. To do this, it would have to be placed on a wall to the side of the bed. This meant angling the TV so that while lying down the screen would be square to my vision. I had a Best Buy gift card so I went on a hunt. I found the perfect wall mount and tried it, in the store, with their demo.

I looked down at the price, ?!?!?!?, 200 dollars or more. I got my phone out of my pocket and navigated to Amazon.com, typed in the description of the one I was looking at “Full Motion TV Wall Mount” and found this Mounting Dream model MD-2380 and placed the order, $39.99, Prime free shipping. My house, built in 1960, is solid, not square and the wall studs are not 16″ on center or any number of inches on center for that matter. Another issue was that i was placing it into an area that is covered in book shelving.

There is a Elfa bracket upright dead center of where the mount needed to go. I decided to cut a piece of plywood and make two 2×4 frames on the back that would extend just out over the upright. I used lag bolts to secure the plywood to two stubs that I had located.

With the help of my friend, Tim, we held the TV, with mount attached, up into place and roughly marked the location of the bracket, making sure it would clear my sound bar on the shelf. The included mounting template made it a breeze to mark the lag bolt locations on the plywood.

We then attached the bracket to the wall and hung the TV. There are screws that hold the TV in place and U brackets that let you adjust the TV angle. The cables, coming to the TV, must be long enough to reach when it is fully extended. There are holes, in the bracket, that allowed me to cable tie them into place.

I highly recommend this mount. I chose this model due to my TV size and weight and the 45 degree swivel. It extends out from the wall 15.2″ and has a 20 degree of downward tilt. It comes with a multitude of mounting hardware for the TV brackets.

The bottom 4 photos
are from my installation.

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