Fishing Knots

My favorite knot is the improved clinch knot. I’ve been tying it for ages, I can barely remember that I used to tie the clinch knot and saw on TV the improved version. It was probably Bill Dance, Roland Martin or Orlando Wilson that I was watching.

For the clinch knot you thread the line through the eyelet, wrap around the line 5 or 6 times (more times if the line is very light) and bring it back through the loop just above the eyelet. Moisten and pull tight. The improved clinch is just one more simple step. Do all the steps above and then bring it back through the big loop at the top.

This is a stronger version of a great knot so it is a no brainer. This knot, with practice, is super easy and quick to tie and works well with monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon fishing lines. This knot should not pull loose and if it does you need more twists. The harder the knot turns into itself, the stronger the connection. My line never breaks at the knot.

My second favorite is the Palomar knot and is super simple to tie, a sign of a great knot. You simply double your line, 8-12 inches, and pass it though the eyelet. Tie a very loose overhand knot and then pass the lure (hook) through the loop made by the overhand knot. Moisten and pull tight. Like the improved clinch knot it is almost impossible to “pull out”. The only negative is if the object being tied is too large to pass back through the overhand knot.

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