I almost exclusively use SpiderWire braid for all my fishing reels. They started out in California, but not as a fishing line. A company called Safariland was making high-end law enforcement equipment with high tech synthetics constructing bulletproof vests.

The team, headed by Neale Perkins and Scott O’Brien, discovered that the gel-spun fibers, Dyneema polyethylene microfibers, they were using, were useful in a wide range of applications. The one that interests me is super-strong fishing line.

They called it SpiderWire and it was the strongest,. thinnest, most sensitive fishing line in the world. Since it doesn’t stretch you have great feel of everything it touches.

It is so strong you have to wrap it to the boat and pull forward to pull it loose, from a snag, or break it. The line is 1/3 to 1/4 the diameter of monofilament (mono) or fluorocarbon lines of the same breaking strength.

Since it is so small it takes an abundance of line to fill a reel, so some fisherman will use mono to start the spool and then finish with SpiderWire. The line is super flexible allowing you to cast longer distances. You do need braid shears (Bass Pro sells them) to cut the line without fraying. As you can tell, like the Monkees say, I’m a believer.

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