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I live on one acre and have lots of weeds and Kudzu to kill. I have been spraying the Kudzu for 6 years now and it is a lot better than when I moved in. I keep cutting back the brush and vines with the brush eater and spraying Bayer Bioadvanced Brush Killer Plus. I have a bad back, once a week I visit the chiropractor, and the Itisll one gallon sprayer I bought, works great, but takes a lot of refills to get the job done.

Itisll was founding in 2008, located in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. They manufacture a wide range of sprayers, including hand sprayer, backpack sprayer, garden sprayer, weed sprayer, sanitizer sprayer and so on. They also make all the accessories to keep their sprayers going.

Walking around carrying the one gallon of liquid in one hand and spraying with the other doesn’t, theoretically, sound bad, but after a few refills it wears my back out. I thought I might try a backpack sprayer, figuring if my back was going hurt anyway, might as well get done on one trip.

I bought the Chapin Homepro, Model 61821, 4 gallon backpack sprayer. Ralph E. Chapin started selling Kerosene in 1884. Oak field, NY, for everybody’s Kerosene lamps. He sold may leaky cans from his hardware store and sought to fix this problem. He quit the hardware business and started making 55 gallon storage tanks and pumps. In 1903 he started making the compressed air and hand sprayers.

Now I just open the backpack tank top, pour in the brush killer concentrate and fill to four gallons with the water hose. It has an adjustable, by turning, tip for different spray patterns. The Chapin sprayer also sprays a long distance and the handle pumper is easy to use and keeps the pressure high. I was shocked to find out that I can walk around, spraying the whole 4 gallons and my back doesn’t hurt at all! I have a table that I built in the yard which makes it nice for putting the backpack on and taking it off. I don’t know if this would work for others, but for me, it is a life (back) saver. I also made a nice backpack sprayer hanger, out of wood, for my shed.

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