The Prince (2014)

I watched this 2014 Lionsgate action/thriller film “The Prince” on Netflix DVD. It is the story of a 20 years retired assassin, Paul, who puts himself right back in the game to rescue his daughter. He recruits one of Beth’s friends, Angela, to help him find her in New Orleans where an old enemy, Omar, wages a war to track him down. He recruits some old help from Sam to aid him while taking down “The Pharmacy”, who is supplying Beth with drugs, and avoiding the onslaught of enemies that want him dead.

The movie is directed by Brian A. Miller (Caught in the Crossfire, House of the Rising Sun, The Outsider, Vice, Reprisal, Backtrace, 10 Minutes Gone) and produced by Brandt Andersen (Setup, Freelancers, The Frozen Ground, Empire State, Lone Survivor, Everest). The movie was mostly shot in Mobile, Alabama (some scenes were in New Orleans) where they have some more readily accessible French Quarter type streets that were perfect for the film. This movie was shot in the style of a modern day western, where the gunslinger is back in town.

The Prince, Paul, is played by Jason Patric (Solarbabies, The Lost Boys, Sleepers, Speed 2, Incognito, The Alamo, The Outsider, The Vanished). Omar, the Crime Boss, is played by Bruce Willis (Die Hard movies, Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element,

The Jackal, The Sixth Sense, The Whole Nine Yards, Unbreakable, Charlies Angels: Full Throttle, Oceans 12, Surrogates, The Expendables movies, Red, Setup, Looper, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Sin City movies, Split, Death Wish, Hard Kill, Cosmic Sin, TV episodes of Moonlighting),

Sam is played by John Cusack (Sixteen Candles, Better off Dead, Stand By Me, Tapeheads, Grosse Point Blank, Con Air, Pushing Tin, High Fidelity, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Raven, The Frozen Ground, The Numbers Station, Reclaim, Singularity),

“The Pharmacy” is played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Setup, Caught in the Crossfire, Freelancers, Spy, Escape Plan movies), Mark, the Crime Bosses number 1, is played by Rain (a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and record producer, Speed Racer,

Ninja Assassin, For Love or Money), Angela is played by Jessica Lowndes (Autopsy, Eden, TV episodes of 2008-2014 90210, Hawaii 5-0), Beth is played by Gia Mantegna (Empire State, The Frozen Ground, TV episodes of Criminal Minds, Under the Dome),

Bonnie Somerville (Bedazzled, Spider-Man 2, Seven Below, Fire with Fire, A Star is Born, TV episodes of Grosse Pointe, Friends, In-Laws, NYPD Blue, Kitchen Confidential, Code Black) and Johnathon Schaech (Poison Ivy II: Lily, That Thing You Do, Road House 2,

Marauders, Arsenal, Jackals, Acts of Vengeance). I liked this movie, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. For more information read Wikipedia, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Author: Doyle

I was born in Atlanta, moved to Alpharetta at 4, lived there for 53 years and moved to Decatur in 2016. I've worked at such places as Richway, North Fulton Medical Center, Management Science America (Computer Tech/Project Manager) and Stacy's Compounding Pharmacy (Pharmacy Tech).

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