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By Glynis Ward

Melody Hill was the Circle Sky Records official magazine while we were open between 2002 and 2010. That black siding on the shed is just tar paper like you use on a roof. The shed had been for firewood and open on that end. I had enclosed that side with scrap wood and was going to use vinyl siding, eventually, to cover the tar paper. The paint is dry and cannot be washed or rubbed off. The water is not on to the hose Donnie is holding. It was a fun photoshoot, a lot of laughing that day.

Ugly Things

If you are a fan of 60’s rock ‘n roll and have not found Ugly Things magazine before now, then I suggest you make a point of purchasing all of the back issues immediately before they are no longer in stock. The magazine is essential, not only in its wide coverage of obscure 60’s groups but also in both the precursor and post-haste music. Editor Mike Stax’s writing and the interview style are revolutionary. No stone is left unturned, but neither is sensationalized. Just open and honest.

Most recent issues have been much broader in their musical scope. Although frequently dealing with obscurities or obsessional music topics, they are often of less interest and lesser quality than the large, meaty interviews conducted by Mike himself. These lead stories are massive, with multiple side-bars of related information and mini-interviews, personal photographs, and sometimes rarely seen reprinted material. No other music magazine presents in such depth.


Originally appearing in the early ’80s, only to disappear after two issues then re-appear in the late ’90s is Greg Prevost of the Chesterfield Kings fine teen style fanzine Outasite. The approach to writing is refreshing and fun, seeking not to uncover what has not yet been seen, but to exuberantly expose the joy of listening (and watching). Greg is a huge fan of old television shows, and his taste in music is often quite related to both movies and TV.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be obscure or unusual, but you can bet that what Greg likes most often influenced your favorite 60’s, garage band! The latest issue, #4 is pure eye candy with glossy photographs of teen idols, including the beautiful Connie Stevens, along with a well-rounded soundtrack of teen sound makers like Jan & Dean and Sky Saxon.


Do you want cool and weird? Well, take it from me, someone who has witnessed editrix, Kim Cooper, in a chicken suit (which looked GOOD on her!!), then this is it! Falling somewhere between a Kroft Supershow and a punk rocker puking in the parking lot on a dark night in 1977 is Scram magazine. Pure fandom, lots of fun, and a finger-up-the-nose to any preconceived notion of “hip” Scram writes about anything that it fancies at the time. Irreverent and irrelevant.

—————End of Melody Hill Article—————

Prior to Circle Sky Records opening, Glynis Ward worked at Brookhaven Records just north of Buckhead (Atlanta, Georgia). We met her while shopping there and in conjunction with the book, “Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth“, that she was helping write. Richard, her husband, and Glynis would soon become really good customers at our store.

They also sold us some good records that we could resell. She is a DJ and rock music journalist, hosting “Crayons and PerfumeWFMU‘s only girl group show. The Radio stream is Thursdays at 7 pm.

In the 80’s she edited and published “Feline Frenzy teen ‘zine”. She co-hosts “The Whig Out!“, Hair Raising garage that will make you flyp your lid! With Richard Whig and Glynis Ward. It airs on WFMU, Sundays at 8 pm. She loves to do live DJ sets, write for Bananas Magazine, Girl Garage & psychedelic music is her passion. We love Glynis!

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