Milton’s 100th Year

Go Eagles!

I went to Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia, grades 8-12 graduating in the bicentennial year of 1976. October 23, 2021, they held a celebration on the campus for the 100th year of the school.

The party started at 10 am and included the band (with alumni members) and chorus performing a new version of the alma mater. They had student-led tours of the school, an excellent video of Milton history, Orchestra performance, Chorus performance, Fencing demonstration, MHS Improv Troupe performance, MHS Cirque performance, Lunch trucks, and Milton birthday cake for all.

There was a ribbon-cutting at the 100th Anniversary Stadium Wall which is made up of Original Building Cornerstones and the 100th Anniversary personalized bricks. The Sonny Hawkins (long-time Milton Football announcer) stadium plaque was also announced.

Milton County High School was built in 1921. Principal W. T. Harrison opened the school which had no buses, lunches, indoor plumbing, or central heating.

Due to economic problems of the mostly agricultural Milton County, it was merged into Fulton County 1n 1932. Improvements to now Milton High School came rapidly. Due to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) a cannery was run on the campus during the summers.

Also an FFA project, a log cabin was constructed on school property. In the 1950s Alpharetta Elementary was constructed (where I went to school) and allowed Milton to become an 8-12th grade school. A concrete football stadium was added for the Milton Eagles Football. The ’70s brought additions like a new cafeteria, library, and front office. The ’80s brought middle schools to the area. In the ’90s enlarging the campus continued with MHS Center for the Arts, a new greenhouse, music, and the health/physical education facilities

In 2005 a new school was constructed, about the same time that the City of Milton was created. The new campus was an academy model in Crabapple, part of the City of Milton.

They now offer more Advanced Placement (AP) classes than ever before. Having mock trials, robotics, math, and debate teams (among others) frequently bring home trophies. Their students obtain all sorts of scholarships into the tens of millions of dollars for academic aptitude, sports expertise, and community commitment.

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I was born in Atlanta, moved to Alpharetta at 4, lived there for 53 years and moved to Decatur in 2016. I've worked at such places as Richway, North Fulton Medical Center, Management Science America (Computer Tech/Project Manager) and Stacy's Compounding Pharmacy (Pharmacy Tech).

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