Stacks of 45’s – I’m a Nut/Knee Deep

When I was young before I had cassettes, the only good way of making a playlist of songs was to stack 45s on the turntable. I would arrange for them to play my favorite songs in my favorite order. These posts are about records I had in my stacks.

“I’m a Nut” is a 1966 novelty song by country artist Leroy Pullins. It was his debut sol artist singer after playing in a group he’d put together in the late 50s called The LeSabres. The song is crazy and funny with lyrics like: Is it wetter underwater, if you’re there when it rains?
Is it shorter to New York, than it is by plane?

The flip side is just as good in my opinion. It is also a novelty song and called “Knee Deep” complete with a bullfrog imitation. Both songs are upbeat country tunes. “I’m a Nut”/”Knee Deep” (K-758) reached #18 on the Billboard Country chart and #57 on the Hot 100.

They were both included on Leroy’s debut album “I’m a Nut. He followed that with “Funny Bones and Hearts” in 1967. “I’m a Nut” was often thought to be by Roger Miller who Leroy Pullins was an admirer and a fan. This was definitely one that I would put in a stack to flip and play the other side.

Beedle-dee-bah, beedle-dee-bah, beedle-dee-ree-pa-dom…
[Chorus]I’m a nut, I’m a nut
My live don’t ever get in a rut, whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop
The head on my shoulders is sorta loose
And I ain’t got the sense God gave a goose
Lord, I ain’t crazy, but …I’m a nut

Is is wetter under water, if you’re there when it rains?
Is it shorter to New York, than it is by a plane?
Between myself and I, I wonder who’s the dumber
Is it hotter down south, than it is in the summer?

I drove my Cadillac to Vegas to satisfy my lust
Wheelin’, dealin’, left ol’ Vegas on a Greyhound bus
I shouldn’t have set the woods on fire while I was there
But remember only forest fires prevent bears

The poverty war will be over, when I begin to fight
If it took a dime to go ’round the world
I couldn’t get out of sight
I don’t mind to take the girls out
If they don’t mind to go Dutch
Makes me feel like a million dollars
And I bet I ain’t worth half that much

Oh, crazy man! I’m a nut!
Oh, Lordy, Lordy Lordy, Lordy
I’m crazy, I’m a nut!

Author: Doyle

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