Ask Valleri

Valleri, one of Circle Sky’s mannequin helpers, answers your questions.

Melody Hill was the Circle Sky Records official magazine while we were open between 2002 and 2010.

Here is an article from Melody Hill #3

Hi Valleri. I am at Kroger at Embry Village. I’ve
driven around the shopping center but I don’t see
Circle Sky. Where are you? -G.K.

Hello dear, if you are standing and facing Kroger, turn around and look up the hill. Do you see the comic shop love? Great! We are located up there, next door to

Dear Valleri, Can you find me the CD I am looking for if I come to Circle Sky?
-D.W. Washburn

Yes D.W., We can special order just about any CD you may be looking for.

Dear Valleri, my wife says I have too many records and CDs and I can’t buy them anymore. What should I do?

Hi B.M. Don’t worry about a thing. Circle Sky is located in a discreet shopping center and all of your purchases are placed in plain white paper bags. There are several divorce attorneys in our vicinity too. Good luck!

Dear Valleri, due to my work schedule I can only shop on Sundays. Are you open then? -Signed, D.C.

Hi D.C. We are open seven days a week. 11-7 Mon-Sat and 12-6 on Sunday. Sounds like you need a vacation love!

Hi Valleri. Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? -J.W.

Yes, J.W. We could float among the stars together, you and I, for we can fly.

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