Flat Earthers

The earth is flat because the Bible says it is flat, regardless of what science tells us

When I realized that the United Nations has the flat earth map as their symbol I was convinced. I immediately took my globe, which I’ve had since childhood, out to the trash. I was going to take it to Goodwill but why perpetuate the lie. I had always been suspicious of the space programs, of all the nations, and realized they have just been faking everything and using Photoshop to show us silly round balls they call Earth.

I mean, artists like Roger Dean have been brainwashing rockers since 1971. His painting for Yes’ Fragile LP was clearly a government conspiracy to get millions of stoned and drunk rockers to believe the Earth is spherical. It should be clear to everyone the north pole is in the center and Antarctica is obviously forming a wall around the entire outside of the Earth.

Another absurdity is not believing there is a dome, or firmament, over the entire flat Earth. It is clearly stated in the Bible, Genesis 1:6 “Then God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, and let it divide the waters from the waters.'” And, how would rainbows be formed without a dome, duh?

It is also obvious that believers make snow globes representing the Earth’s dome. The show “Under the Dome” was canceled when the government realized that the dome, in the show, was representative of the true Earth dome that they are trying to keep a secret.

I’ll be joining the Flat Earth Society soon as the associate membership is free. For a donation of $12, you can be a Friend of the Flat Earth Society and receive a membership card, a signed membership certificate, and a hand-cast (by Daniel Shenton himself) pewter medallion which will be individually numbered with your unique Society membership number.


I can’t go on spewing this nonsense. They are even out of the pewter to make the medallions, that is the final straw. And just what is a firmament? The scripture denotes an expanse, a wide extent with no sense of solidity, not a dome. I know that one of the fun things for conspiracy theorists is to pretend the moon landings and such were just filmed in Hollywood but that is ridiculous too. So many rocket launches of men, women, equipment like satellites and space stations have been up there filming the globe we call Earth.

Oh yeah, I didn’t throw my globe away and I won’t be joining their cult. Many ancient cultures believed in a flat Earth. including Greece until the classical period (323 BC), the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period (31 BC), and China until the 17th century.

Parmenides in the 5th century and then in the 6th century BC, the spherical Earth appeared in ancient Greek philosophy by Pythagoras. In 330 BC Aristotle reported an estimate of the Earth’s circumference. Modern flat Earth belief originated with the English writer Samuel Rowbotham (1816–1884). Based on conclusions derived from the Bedford Level experiment (6-mile length of the Bedford River in England seeing no curvature but was later debunked by correcting the experiment), Rowbotham published a pamphlet titled Zetetic Astronomy.

He later expanded on the paper with a book called “Earth Not a Globe” (genius). Reviewers say “This book is a collection of proofs for the earth as a plane not a globe. Excellent! Stay away from Eric Dubay’s “flat earth conspiracy”. Who mixes unprovable lies with the truth. “Earth Not a globe” is a non-political/nonagenda driven work of scientific experiments.” and “The material presented in this “book” was flawed in its inception way back when, and nothing about it has been updated or corrected. Worse still, those who cling to the Flat Earth belief either are incapable, or unwilling, to recognize the fatal flaws.”

Flat Earthers can’t explain the seasons or night and day. They will try with horribly flawed drawings but it only works with a sphere. They show the Sun over one side of the Earth but if it were flat it would light up the whole thing,

yet they draw a line down the center of the map and pretend it is dark on one side, light on the other. In this example when do solar and lunar eclipses occur? And another thing, Flat-Earthers insist that gravity does not exist. But this is only a result of a mere ignorance of how gravity works. Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy are brought toward each other.

In 1687, Isaac Newton explained the phenomenon as a force, which was formulated in Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Gravity exerts a force on everything on Earth. Without gravity, you would just float away. Another of my favorites is the Flat Earthers Antarctic ice wall that surrounds their flat earth.

They say that the wall is a secret and guarded by the military. Also, there is no south pole, shhh, don’t tell the people at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, they’d be heartbroken. Oh yeah, Viking Expeditions has many Antarctic Cruises. The idea that the Earth is flat is ridiculous and unprovable. I’m not sure what the purpose is in the claims they make as they would have to be insane to believe the things they say.

Author: Doyle

I was born in Atlanta, moved to Alpharetta at 4, lived there for 53 years and moved to Decatur in 2016. I've worked at such places as Richway, North Fulton Medical Center, Management Science America (Computer Tech/Project Manager) and Stacy's Compounding Pharmacy (Pharmacy Tech).

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