Amazon Deliveries

Toss and run!

I’m always complaining about how poorly Amazon packs their packages. The item is often just bashing around in there, corner to corner. I’ve only had two things arrive broken (or crushed) since the late 90s so I guess they can afford to save money on packing material. Since I bought security cameras I have caught their delivery habits, some better than others.

This was my most recent delivery, a glass vase, make sure you have the sound on loud for these, it is worth it.

The cameras I used to get the videos above are Blink. These security cameras run on a battery that is easy to replace and advertised to last two years (so far so good). There is a hub that is inside the house and connected to my wireless system. The cameras simply connect wirelessly to this hub and the videos are stored in the cloud. I get a notification on my phone each time one it set off.

They can’t leave their packages in your mailbox, it would be a Federal offense. Even though you paid to have the mailbox, the only people who should put things in or take something out of someone’s mailbox are the mailbox owner(s) and postal employees. It is illegal to put anything other than mail in a mailbox. They almost always bring my packages all the way to my front door, maybe I need to get them a table so they don’t have to bend over.

The 15 minutes of research I just did made me realize that this is a fairly common occurance. I have had several tossed or thrown down myself. So what is the easiest way to file an Amazon delivery complaint?

You can always login to your Amazon account and visit your “Customer Service” page. If you want to call for help, in the United States the number is 1-888-280-4331, and that number is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week.. There is also an online chat. UPS and Fed Ex are the same, always tossing the packages around. I even had a Fed Ex driver leave a package in the rain, where one more step would have placed the delivery in the dry.


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