What was the first album you became infatuated with and changed the way you listened to music?

What is your album choice?

– Windy

Melody Hill was the Circle Sky Records official magazine while we were open between 2002 and 2010.

Greetings From Windy (Melody Hill Executive Editor)

Hello Melody Hill readers. This issue is all about that wonderful musical invention called a record. Vinyl collectors and fans have a culture that is all their own. So if your universe spins at 33 or 45 this issue is dedicated to you. For this issue, we decided to ask the Circle Sky Staff to name the first album that changed their musical world. We then asked some of our musician friends to do the same and the results are
spread out among these pages. Happy reading!

David “Zeus” Henderson
Recording Artist with Orange Hat and Pizzaland

Before I discovered the Beatles, my favorite musician was Elton John. This was in the mid 70s when he was still putting out great records every few MONTHS. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was the first album I was completely taken with. The songs were great and the production still sounds amazing. I loved the packaging too, with individual artwork and detailed credits for every song.

It was the first album that really made me think about how records were created, because the credits said stuff like “Elton: lead and backing vocals, piano, mellotron, organ, ARP string synthesizer” , or “Davey: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, Leslie guitar”. First of all, how does one guy play four things and sing two parts at one time, and secondly, what in the world is a mellotron or a Leslie guitar?

So that really opened my eyes and made me seriously think about recording, arranging, production, and how different sounds and tones could paint big beautiful pictures in your head. Heavy stuff for a 9 year old.

Doyle Tatum
Circle Sky Owner

It was “More of the Monkees” which was my first Monkees album. I was nine years old and I can attribute it to making me want to play instruments and sing along.

From this point on, I had to have all the Monkees albums and started getting into
other bands as well.

Richard Golden
Circle Sky Staff

That record is “Meet The Beatles.” I was a pre-teen and The Beatles had just become huge in America. I was at my cousin‟s house one weekend and heard his brand-new copy of the album. The very next week my mother bought me my very own copy at Rexall Drugs.

I had some Everly Brothers 45‟s before, and The Beatles had the same kind of harmonies but were more “rocked-up.” This made me want to hear more British rock, so I eventually found records by The Searchers and Dave Clark 5.

Michael Quercio
Recording Artist with The Three O’Clock and The Jupiter Affect

Diana Ross And The Supremes “Greatest Hits.” I listened to this record almost every day from the age of five till I was about eleven.

Holland, Dozier, Holland — Brilliant!

Ted Selke
Recording Artist with The Seventh Ring Of Saturn

I always loved the Beach Boys and “All Summer Long” was the first album of theirs that I would listen to over and over and never tire of. There is something about the harmonies on the record that reveal a melancholy feeling that that is not apparent in the words or chord changes.

Songs like “We’ll Run Away” are confident and optimistic on the surface, but the harmonies reveal feelings that the words don’t. But then, for every melancholy song, there is a total feel-good song to give the record balance.

Donnie Thompson
Circle Sky Staff

For me it was Wings‟ “Band On The Run.” I purchased this album when I was fourteen and although it had been released four years earlier, it completely captured my imagination. Listening to this album is like going on an adventure.

It has a recurring theme of escape and freedom running throughout. This was the first record that made me want to figure out how song structure, dynamics and vocal harmonies work. I think this album still influences my musical taste to this very day.

Richard Parsons
Recording Artist

The one album that has been an inspiration from the first time I dropped the needle down on it, and remains so to this day, would have to be the amazing “A Night At The Opera” by the inimitable Queen.

There isn’t a listen that passes without the wonder of pure imagination and admiration
of its meticulous beauty and power. This was the first album that really turned me on and changed the way that I listen to music and it has never let me down since.

Kathy Dare
Recording Artist, with The Inklings and The Darwins

The first record I ever bought was the Go-Go‟s “Beauty And The Beat.” This was the first record I ever got up and lip-synched to. After hearing this album I wanted to be a girl rock star. It made me learn guitar and write songs.

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