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Family owned and has no affiliation with any other Thai Chili outside of Atlanta.

Thai Chili is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving the best and most authentic Thai cuisine for over 32 years at the time of this post. It is in Atlanta, Georgia, at 2169 Briarcliff Road NE, 30329, in the Briar Vista Shopping Center. They offer dine-in, carry-out, and delivery.

They have an assortment of Thai weaved fans displayed on the side wall and offer Thai floor seating as an option. It is family owned and has no affiliation with any other Thai Chili outside of Atlanta.

I started with the Basil Rolls, a combination of roasted pork, shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, basil leaves, and green leaves wrapped in rice paper[1]. They are served with plum sauce. They are delicious.

For my main course, I chose Spicy Pork. It is sauteed pork loin with chili peppers, onions, mushrooms, fresh basil leaves, and homemade spicy sauce. The dish is served with steamed jasmine rice[2]. It was perfectly spicy, for my taste, and enough that I carried half of it home to eat later.

They serve Thai iced tea and coffee, and appetizers such as Shrimp Dumplings, Fried Avocado, Golden Crab, Salmon Rolls, Thai Wings, Baked Mussels, Fried Squid, and Edamame.

They also have soups like Seafood Soup, Coconut Soup Chicken, and Spicy Shrimp Soup. The salads sound good too, including the Numtok (char-broiled beef with rice powder, scallions, onions, shallots, and lime juice), the Thai Salad, Papaya Salad, and the Squid Salad.

They have chef specials like the Angel Hair Noodles & Shrimp, Salmon Curry, Spacy Catfish, Basil Lamb Chops, Grouper, Red Snapper, Scallop Curry, Thai Chili Noodles, Duck Curry, and Sea Bass.

For dinner entrees, the menu boasts Cashew Nut, Spicy Basil, Spicy Veggie, Garlic Pepper, and Kra Prow Gai +Fried Egg. Some of their curry selections are Green, Panang, Massaman,, and Red. They have dinner noodles like Khao Soi, Pad Thai, Flat Noodles, Spicy Basil, and Pad See U.

They have dinner entrees that are fried and a list of sides, and sauces. Thai Chili has a dessert menu and serves lunch specials Monday – Friday.

They are open Monday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM 4:30 PM – 11:00 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays: Noon – 11:00 PM

I made a PDF of their menu as of 4/29/23

  1. Rice paper is a thin, translucent paper made from rice straw or other fibers, commonly used for artwork, calligraphy, and food wrapping. It is often associated with Asian culture and cuisine, particularly Vietnamese cuisine where it is used to make spring rolls. The paper is made by soaking the rice straw in water, pounding it to create a pulp, and then spreading the pulp onto bamboo screens to dry. Rice paper can be found in various sizes and thicknesses, and is widely available in art supply stores and online retailers. [Back]
  2. Jasmine rice, also known as Thai fragrant rice, is a type of long-grain rice that is commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is named after its distinct floral aroma, which is released during cooking. Jasmine rice has a slightly sticky texture and a soft, fluffy consistency when cooked, making it a popular choice for dishes such as stir-fries, curries, and sushi. It is also a good source of carbohydrates and essential nutrients such as thiamin and niacin. [Back]

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