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My favorite pens are the Uni-ball’s made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company Limited of Japan. In North America the main office is in Wheaton, Illinois. The company was founded by Niroku Masaki in 1887 as the Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company until after World War II when it was renamed The Mitsubishi Pencil Company.

They started exporting graphite, or lead pencil products in 1927 to Mexico and part of Europe. In 1959 they introduced their first ballpoint pen and first mechanical pencil in 1961.

It was 1979 when they came out with the first Uni-ball rollerball pen., the first pen anywhere that had water based ink and a metallic tip. The company makes Ballpoints, gel, rollerball, mechanical pencils, woodcase pencils, refills, marker, highlighters and correction tape.

I love the Uni-ball like the Vision and Vision Elite series. They come in different colors like black, blue, red, violet, blue black, orange, wine and green. They are as advertised, silky-smooth, free-flowing ink. The uni Super Ink™ technology protects against water, fading, & fraud.

They also feature a bend-resistant stainless steel tip & tungsten carbide rollerball, designed to withstand rapid pressure changes, making it ideal for frequent flyers. The Vision Needle has an ultrafine point for optimal precision. They are a little pricey but you certainly do, in this case, get everything you paid for. In 2020, Uni-ball announced a partnership with Starline, who beginning in 2021, is now the exclusive provider.

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