St. Marks Fishing Report (2/27/21-2/28/21)

This was my first time there, fishing off a couple of friends piers in the Wakulla River. It is brackish water (water occurring in a natural environment having more salinity than freshwater, but not as much as seawater), near where the St. Marks river joins in and 3/4 a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. The fishing certainly weighs heavy on the tide coming in and out. Mike caught a Largemouth Bass on Friday, before I arrived.

Katie and the neighbor also caught some Sheepshead who earned their reputation as bait stealers . The fishing was very slow all weekend. The local Marina posted that it happens every year when the weather suddenly turns cool to hot. It was 78 degrees on Saturday and 84 on Sunday, and under a full moon. We used live shrimp for bait and I ended up with 6 Sheepshead and 6 Ladyfish. After I left Mike caught a baby Redfish and Katie caught a couple of small Black Drums. The fishing was slow, but steady, and I had a lot of fun. The clear, clean water, of the Wakulla River, was the site of several movies including several Tarzan movies, starring Johnny Weissmuller, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Since the fishing was slow Katie and I rode out to the St. Marks Lighthouse.

Author: Doyle

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