Rocket Launch (08/19/23)

A dragonfly was really interested in our launch.

Another beautiful day, about 90 degrees and just a light breeze. Michelle, Walter, and Wyatt joined us to fly rockets and we had a great time. We had about 20 flights, mostly all successful. An E motor got Michelle’s scratch-built Dr. Who rocket (with a Tardis nose cone) to new heights.

Wyatt’s Estes Skywriter making its descent

This is my Launch Pad Perseus: Surface-to-Air Missle (KO36). This kit was a fictional Launch Pad design but in practice, it would be a short-range, highly maneuverable interceptor (note the large guidance fins), capable of downing any attacking aircraft or even other missiles that threaten its host ship.

The domed nose would house an active radar transmitter/receiver which, once locked onto a target, would make the Perseus unshakable until it closed in for the kill. A proximity fuse would then trigger the high explosive fragmentation warhead. Surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) are sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons designed to intercept and destroy aerial targets such as aircraft, helicopters, and drones.

These missiles are a critical component of modern air defense systems and military strategies, protecting against airborne threats. SAMs typically consist of a guidance system, propulsion system, and warhead, with some variants being capable of targeting multiple types of aircraft and employing advanced radar and tracking technologies for improved accuracy.

These weapons have been employed in various conflicts worldwide and have evolved significantly over the years to counter evolving air threats, making them a crucial element of contemporary military arsenals.

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Kevin’s Silver Sailor reflecting the sunlight –
he scratch-built this beautiful rocket with silver party hats

This Dragonfly adopted the end of this launch rod yesterday. It would fly off for a second during a launch and then right back to its perch.

Dragonflies are remarkable insects belonging to the order Odonata, known for their agile flight, vibrant colors, and impressive hunting skills. They have elongated bodies, two pairs of transparent wings, and large, multifaceted eyes, which grant them exceptional vision for hunting prey in mid-air. Dragonflies primarily feed on smaller insects, and their incredible aerial maneuvers make them formidable predators. They undergo incomplete metamorphosis, with nymphs living in aquatic environments before emerging as winged adults. Dragonflies play a crucial role in ecosystems by controlling insect populations and serving as indicators of environmental health due to their sensitivity to water quality.

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