CP and CG

In model rocketry you must ensure your rocket is stable. A stable rocket will fly perfectly, while an unstable rocket will fly in an unpredictable pattern possibly ruining the rocket, damaging property or hurting someone. Stability is extremely important when building a rocket from scratch, and a good idea to know how stable your kits are also.

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Rocket Launch (03/06/21)

It was raining when I left home, just as predicted, not! When we arrived, at the field, it was completely overcast, just as predicted, not! It was windy, with higher gusts, making the 50 degree high feel pretty cold. The blue sky finally broke though about 4pm. As always, we had a great day flying rockets.

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Estes Torellian Invader

My friend Tim built this Estes kit, Catalog number 1343 back in 1980. He gave it to me, when he was cleaning up around the house, some 40 yeas later to fly it for the first time. My only repair was that I replaced the elastic shock cord with Kevlar. The rocket flies great. The first flight was with and A8-3 and then I went to a C6-5. The original chute, he had in there, worked perfectly also. The model came in a combo pack with the Orion Starfighter.

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Rocket Launch (01/02/21)

Soggy, from the rain the day before, but a beautiful day. The temperature was 63, and in the sun felt warmer. The wind was light and the sky was mostly sunny until 3 pm when the clouds started rolling in for the evening rain. It was a great day for flying rockets.

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Jolly Logic Chute Release

I just bought a Jolly Logic Chute Release after seeing it work for my rocketry friends. I used it today for a perfect flight with the chute opening at 300 feet, keeping the rocket from drifting in the wind. It is a small electronic device that releases your parachute at the altitude you pre-specify.

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